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Node RPC

Integrate a high-performance production Node RPC with built-in debugging tools and embedded development environments for any EVM chain.
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Cow Swap

It’s awesome to work with the Tenderly team! Their support and execution are world-class, and the team is constantly pushing the boundaries of developer tooling. Now, with their Node RPC, we are excited to unify our development environment and have all we need in one place.
Felix Leupold
Technical Co-Founder, Cow Swap


With Node RPC as our node solution, we don’t have to worry about multi-chain setup and maintenance. Also, connecting our Tenderly Web3 Actions to the Node RPC resulted in x15 speed improvement, making our automation blazing fast.
CTO of Wonderland


Tenderly’s development tools and observability stack have become an essential parts of our flow these past few years. Now with their fast and reliable Node RPC, Tenderly really makes all aspects of our development process as easy as possible.
Samyak Jain
Co-Founder and CTO at Instadapp

Up to 8x faster read-heavy workloads

Read, stream, and analyze blockchain data with ease. Get 100% consistent data access essential to your research, analytics, and dapp-building process.

Lower costs, easier maintenance

Reduce node maintenance and management overhead and focus on the critical part of development by leaving node infrastructure to us.

One RPC to dry run and send transactions

Test transaction outcomes and simulate smart contract behavior to deploy faster from the same integrated environment using Simulator from Node RPC.

Watch our short demo video to quickly set up your node and integrate it into your dapp.

Integrate one node, unlock the full-stack infrastructure

Node RPC comes with easy-to-setup development environments and built-in debugging tools. Use it to get a development and production infrastructure for the entire dapp lifecycle and go beyond standard RPCs.


Get easy access to the blockchain

Remove the infrastructure management burden from your team with our Node RPC. Get an easy-to-set-up node as a service for reliable interaction with the blockchain. Speed up your development and reduce costs associated with using multiple siloed tools.


Resolve issues instantly

Use our zero-setup Debugger for a fast development feedback loop and instant troubleshooting. Collaborate with your team and share important traces to figure out why a transaction failed faster.


Test with Mainnet data

Rely on Transaction Simulator to give you peace of mind, allowing you to preview exact outcomes before sending transactions on-chain. Go a step further and integrate the Simulation API to automate your internal testing.


Monitor your dapps

Quickly identify and resolve any issue that might occur with your smart contracts with unparalleled observability coupled with real-time alerting. Plan for every scenario specific to your dapp by using fully customizable alert types.


Automate manual tasks

Turn to Web3 Actions to build programmable serverless hooks to smart contract events. With Web3 Actions, you can set up powerful custom alerting, call HTTP APIs, create any if-then rule, and programmatically react to on-chain triggers.

Resources to get you started

Build and scale with ease on top of a full-stack Web3 infrastructure.

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