Web3 Actions Building blocks for your future Dapp

Automated serverless actions let you move quicker from MVP to a full-fledged product.

Make the connection between your smart contracts and your UI by creating connecting code using Web3 Actions. Build your Dapp and don’t worry about how your code will scale - you can iterate faster and create a better experience for your users by integrating Web3 Actions into your workflow.

With Web3 Actions you can:

React to transactions

Create custom alerts
Process data
Ensure protocol is running
Maximize profit

Interact with contracts

Automate frequent actions
Quickly react to unexpected outcomes
Validate transactions and trigger disputes

Provide richer UI

Custom notification destinations
Data indexing and preprocessing
Private business logic execution

Web3 actions will help you:

You can run Web3 Actions across all networks supported by Tenderly.
Inside Web3 Actions:


You can use functions to run JavaScript code without a server which means that you just need to write it, we’ll manage it and take care of the scaling.
Secrets let you securely store credentials such as API tokens and each secret is a key-value pair stored encrypted and you can set them up in the Dashboard.
Storage allows you to write code that works with streams of transactions by giving you a dedicated key-value database for your project.


You can use 5 types of triggers to specify your event:
Transaction trigger - react to contract transactions matching a specified filter.
Webhook trigger - call your action from the UI by sending an HTTP request.
Periodic trigger - run your action in the specified intervals.
Block trigger - run your action each time a block is mined.
Alert trigger - run your action each time your alert is matched.

Download our CLI and read the docs to get started.


In a nutshell

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