Web3 Actions Building blocks for your future Dapp

Automated serverless backend for your Web3 application.

Harness the power of serverless and accelerate your Dapp development workflows. Web3 Actions give you unlimited flexibility to run custom code whenever a specific on-chain event occurs. Define custom scenarios and triggers to enhance the functionality of your Dapp and deliver a smoother user experience.

Hackathon assistance
Gain a competitive edge by integrating Web3 Actions into your project as a backend component. Automate repetitive tasks to save time and boost your team’s performance.
React to on-chain events
Learn how to build, configure, and deploy your first Web3 Action to run custom code whenever an on-chain event happens.
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Build a DIY oracle
Utilize the flexibility of Web3 Actions to build a custom oracle that retrieves data from an external API and sends it back to your smart contract.
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Run your Web3 Actions on any blockchain network supported by Tenderly.
Inside Web3 Actions:


Web3 Actions give you a powerful serverless backend capable of auto-scaling to fit your needs. Write and execute your Javascript functions without worrying about infrastructure.
Secrets - Securely store credentials such as API tokens, private keys, and other sensitive data as key-value pairs in your Tenderly Dashboard.
Storage - Get a dedicated key-value database for every Tenderly project you create, allowing you to write code that works with streams of transactions.


Mix and match any of these four Web3 Action triggers:
Transaction trigger - React to contract transactions matching a specified filter.
Block trigger - Run your Web3 Actions each time a block is mined.
Webhook trigger - Call functions from the UI by sending an HTTP request.
Periodic trigger - Run your Web3 Actions in the specified interval.
Deploy your first Web3 Action

Get started by installing the Tenderly CLI and exploring the documentation to learn how to build, configure, and deploy your first Web3 Action.


In a nutshell

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