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Web3 Actions

Building blocks for your future dapp

Move quickly from MVP to a full-fledged product with an automated serverless backend.
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Build your dapp and don’t worry about how your code will scale. Iterate faster and create a better experience for your users by integrating Web3 Actions into your workflow.

Connect your smart contracts with your UI by using Web3 Actions to create connecting code.


Everythingyou can think of


React to on-chain events

Learn how to build, configure, and deploy your first Web3 Action to run custom code whenever an on-chain event happens.
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Build DIY oracle

Utilize the flexibility of Web3 Actions to build a custom oracle that retrieves data from an external API and sends it back to your smart contract.
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Automate Discord messages

Notify your Discord community in real-time about specific on-chain events with automated messages sent through your Web3 Action.
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Enhanced alerting

Web3 Actions allow you to execute custom code based on the triggers you set. Automatically react to events and save time on predictable tasks.

IFTTT functionality

Send transactions when desired conditions are met or receive notifications when a specific block has been mined.

DAO Helper

Set automated reminders with Web3 Actions to increase participation and speed up the voting process in your DAO.

Reduce gas spending

Configure your Web3 Actions to run specific tasks only when gas prices are low. Use this for yield farming to pick the best time to execute your play and reap high returns.

Analyze smart contracts

Programmatically aggregate smart contract data for any data points you are interested in. Pull the average value for a specific contract and see its distribution over time.

Early failure detection

Create a whitelist of common transaction failure scenarios and set up a notification system that enables you to respond to unexpected events sooner.

Hackathon assistance

Gain a competitive edge by integrating Web3 Actions into your project as a backend component. Automate repetitive tasks to save time and boost your team’s performance.

Build multipurpose bots

Use Web3 Actions to create bots capable of automatically tweeting relevant events, complex bot systems used for arbitrage, or anything in between.

Inside Web3 Actions



Use functions to run JavaScript code without a server. This means you just need to write the code. We’ll manage it and take care of the scaling.


Secrets let you securely store credentials such as API tokens. Each secret is stored as an encrypted key-value pair. You can set up a Secret in the Dashboard.


Storage allows you to write code that works with streams of transactions by giving you a dedicated key-value database for your project.


Use four types of triggers to specify an on-chain or off-chain event or schedule for executing your custom Web3 Action code.

Transaction trigger

React to contract transactions matching a specified filter.

Webhook trigger

Call functions from the UI by sending an HTTP request.

Periodic trigger

Run your action at specified intervals.

Block trigger

Run your Web3 Actions each time a block is mined.

Run your Web3 Actions on any blockchain network supported by Tenderly.

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