Tenderly In War Rooms

Tenderly helps you mitigate exploits with instant diagnostics, fast code debugging, easier collaboration and prioritization.

war room diagnosis still

Diagnosing Web3 errors is complex and hard, that’s why development teams have adopted War Rooms in response to high-stakes errors and hacks. With Tenderly you can now adopt a War Room procedure and be ready when the problem arises.

Detect issues faster

If the number of contracts in the transaction is greater than 30 then Call Trace will be automatically triggered. You can switch it yourself if you’re only interested in seeing external calls that are usually crucial for the attack. Use Evaluate Expression to better understand the whole context of the transaction and simplify debugging process.

Collaborate and prioritize

With the new annotation system, you can leave comments on the exact line of code you think caused the issue. Annotations can be used to make team collaboration more efficient or to leave a note for yourself so you don’t forget it later. You can also set a priority for traces you want inspected first.

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Tenderly in War Rooms

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