Ethereum Transaction Simulator

Simulate Ethereum transactions before they are sent on-chain. Never worry again if a transaction is going to fail.

Preview Transactions

Before sending any transaction to the network, verify that it will behave as expected and that it will not fail on you.


Save on Gas

See how much a transaction is going to spend gas before even sending it. Improve the UX of your DApps and optimize your gas usage.

And best part is, no gas is required to run simulations! No Web3 Providers, no Metamask, just clean and friendly UI that lets you send a transaction as your normally would.

Test Contracts

Check whether changes to smart contract state or source code would change the result of a transaction.

Have confidence that your source changes will actually resolve the issues you are trying to solve.

Wayback Machine

Every wondered what would have happened if a transaction was executed at a specific block with certain parameters?

Change any transaction detail, like sender address, input parameters or block height and test what would have happened if it was executed.


In a nutshell

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