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Human-readable Ethereum

Transaction Previews

Preview exact transaction outcomes to save funds, avoid security risks, and make informed decisions across 30+ networks.
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Safe Project

Our users quite like the Simulator feature. Normally, every second or minute somebody is simulating transactions.
Richard Meissner,
Co-Founder, Safe Project


Our users can test txs against real Mainnet data, see swap rates, and what their yield looks like before spending any money.
Thirlok Kumar,
Head of Product, Instadapp

Enso Finance

We feel a social responsibility to ensure people can interact safely with our products, and simulations allow us to do that.
Connor Howe,
Co-Founder and CEO, Enso Finance

Always know what to expect with Transaction Preview


Allow DeFi users to preview exact transaction outcomes before sending them on-chain. Integrate the Tenderly Simulation Infrastructure into your product and enable transaction previews across 30+ EVM networks.

With precise, instant, and detailed information about transaction execution, you protect users’ assets, eliminate security risks, and build trust in your product.

Open the black box of DeFi:

Give users full transparency


Always know transaction outcomes

Always know what to expect when sending transactions. See their exact outcomes, understand financial implications, and avoid hidden security risks.


Never let transactions fail on-chain

Avoid paying for reverted transactions caused by out-of-gas issues or some other type of failure. Get a clear warning and save valuable resources.


Send transactions with confidence

Forget about Web3 complexities and reap the benefits of DeFi. Send transactions confidently backed by clear information on transaction outcomes.

Transaction Preview brings must-have wallet features


Asset & balance changes

Show which token transfers and balance changes happen between accounts. Plus, give corresponding dollar values for ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.


Accurate gas fee estimates

Get precise information on expected gas fees when running transaction simulations. Then, display this data to your users so they know how much they need to pay for gas.


One-off & bundled simulations

Allow users to preview both single and complex transactions. Use Simulation Bundles to preview several consecutive transactions.


Access to simulation data

Persist simulation data and expose detailed information to your users. Enable them to see decoded logs of emitted events and associated parameters.

Upgrade your DeFi platform with Transaction Preview

With Transaction Preview, you can reduce the number of failed transactions in your product, ensure user security, and improve their overall satisfaction. This feature doesn’t require any technical knowledge from your users, facilitating the onboarding process on your platform.

Reduce gas costs

Warn users against failed transactions and help them save valuable resources. Plus, give them precise gas fee estimates across multiple EVM-compatible networks to prevent them from underpaying or overpaying for gas.


Make decisions easier

Give your users human-readable information about their transactions to help them make informed decisions. Display asset changes, balance changes, and decoded logs so they can understand the financial implications of their transactions.


Identify security risks

Secure complex transactions that involve multiple steps. Reveal hidden security issues or unintended outcomes when performing swaps, trading NFTs, and in other complex scenarios. Surface contract interactions and prevent malicious attempts.

Protect users’ assets with Ethereum transaction previews

Empower users to take control over their assets with Transaction Preview. Give them clarity, confidence, and knowledge to make informed decisions before it’s too late. Let users send transactions with confidence – don’t leave their assets to chance.
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