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List of Third Party Processors

List of Third Party Processors

Tenderly engages the third-party entities in the table below to perform limited activities in connection with Tenderly platform services. More information about each activity is provided directly below:

Payment services - Third parties enable and support the process of collecting fees for using the Tenderly platform in an efficient and user-friendly way.

Marketing services - Tracking and following the behavior of Tenderly's users in order to enhance Company visibility and build our brand.

Customer support and experience - Enabling users to have full availability to the Tenderly platform and have a fast communication with the Tenderly support team.

Company nameDescription of service (s)Type of business
2checkoutGlobal payment processing service that allows businesses to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide.Payment services
StripeTechnology company providing economic infrastructure for the internet, enabling businesses of all sizes to accept payments and manage their businesses online.Payment services
HubspotCRM platform with all the software, integrations, and resources you need to connect marketing, sales, content management, and customer serviceMarketing services
InflectionDevelops and markets data management software. The Company offers technology solutions that collects, aggregates, and displays large data sets.Marketing services
UnbouncePlatform for building and optimizing landing pages. A landing page is a standalone web page that is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.Marketing services
MailchimpMarketing automation platform that provides tools for email marketing, audience management, and marketing automationMarketing services
Google AnalyticsWeb analytics service provided by Google. It allows website owners and marketers to track and analyze various aspects of website traffic and user behaviorMarketing services
MatomoOpen-source web analytics platform that provides tools for tracking and analyzing website and app data. Matomo focuses on privacy-centric analytics, allowing businesses to have full control over their data and comply with data protection regulations.Marketing services
IntercomCustomer messaging platform that enables businesses to communicate with customers on their website, inside their web and mobile apps, and by email.Customer support and experience
SegmentCustomer data platform (CDP) that helps collect, clean, and control customer data, enabling businesses to use this data for analytics and to personalize interactions.Customer support and experience
FullstoryDigital experience analytics platform that allows businesses to capture, replay, and analyze user interactions on their websites and mobile applications.Customer support and experience
MixpanelUser analytics platform that provides businesses with insights into how users interact with their websites and mobile applications.Customer support and experience
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