Blockchain Monitoring

See exactly whats happening with your Smart Contracts and Account Wallets. Don't let your business be one step behind others.

How it all works

Extracting the data

By running our own infrastructure with full archive nodes, that use our custom implementation of the EVM, we extract data from the Blockchain that no one else has

We make that data easily accessible to you, and help you save time by removing the overhead of running your own infrastructure and making your own data pipeline

Grow your Business even faster


Get real-time notifications when unusual or unexpected events happen on your Smart Contracts or Wallets.

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Extract and visualize the data from the Blockchain that you never could before. Create custom graphs and track metrics in real-time using Tenderly.

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Need to receive reliable data from the Blockchain in real-time? Integrate with our API and process the data that matters the most to your business.


In a nutshell

We are the monitoring toolkit that you need

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