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For the best experience we advise you to use Dashboard, Sandbox and Explorer on larger screens such as laptop or desktop.

Managed, zero-setup


Develop and test in a private environment against Mainnet data, with an unlimited faucet, reusable templates and built-in debugging tools.
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Build with DevNets and go into production faster

Tenderly DevNets are a zero-setup, private environment for developing and testing smart contracts against production data. With DevNets, you get a private replica of 30+ supported EVM networks, with a private block explorer, the latest states, and no performance delays.

You can use custom RPCs to manipulate your DevNet environment, including blocks, timestamps, and states. Additionally, DevNets are fully compatible with Hardhat, Truffle, and Foundry, so you can integrate them into your existing flows.


Reusable templates

Use customizable YAML testing templates to spin up a DevNet with fresh states instantly. Plus, define balance, contract, wallet, storage, and other fields in your YAML templates to fully customize your environment.


Built-in debugging tools

Instantly identify and resolve any smart contract bug. Jump into TX Trace for in-depth insights, use Debugger to fix the problem, validate solutions with Transaction Simulator, and optimize gas usage with Gas Profiler.


Unlimited faucet

Get 10 accounts with 100 test ETH every time you spin up a DevNet. Use the unlimited faucet to top up your balances at any time. Plus, get unlocked public accounts to impersonate any address in a safe environment.

Develop, test, and debug in one place with DevNets

Tenderly DevNets

Instant smart contract execution

Instantly execute your smart contracts – no deployments and no waiting. Get insight into your code behavior as if in production, but in a private environment.


Short feedback loops

Detect bugs or unexpected contract behavior early in your development process. Immediately debug issues and validate your solutions without public testnet latency.


Easier team collaboration

Share individual transactions or entire DevNet runs with your team or external associates. Develop and test under identical conditions to ensure code consistency.



Spin up your DevNet through the Dashboard or the Tenderly CLI. Pick any of the 30+ EVM networks and integrate a DevNet RPC into your existing frameworks. You can also manipulate your environment by adjusting parameters such as contract code, account states, blocks, and timestamps.



Simulate and test your smart contracts and get immediate insights into their execution. Identify, inspect, and fix bugs before deployment. Additionally, set up custom YAML templates to quickly replicate your testing environments and eliminate lengthy setups.  


Continuous integration

Integrate YAML templates into your existing flows to automatically test and verify code changes. Set up custom values and override on-chain data, including balance and storage variables for specific contracts or wallets. Plus, you can use them together with GitHub Actions or Circle CI.

Build and test against production data

Eliminate lengthy local setups and spin up your private development and testing environment in milliseconds. Get a private replica of 30+ networks and build your dapp logic more efficiently. Start building the easy way with Tenderly DevNets and deploy your dapp faster.
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