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For the best experience we advise you to use Dashboard, Sandbox and Explorer on larger screens such as laptop or desktop.

Smart contract


Extract comprehensive blockchain data and track metrics in real time for in-depth understanding of smart contract behavior.
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Unique data

Tenderly processes the blockchain in a unique way and can extract every piece of information you can think of using source code mapping.

State variables, function calls, function arguments, gas usage deviation... we’ve got it all.


Real-time analytics

Block by block, transaction by transaction, Tenderly is in full sync with the network. This means all the data you see is in real time.

Know that your data is truly up to date and that you can act with full confidence.


Metric change alerting

Want to be in the loop when something crucial happens to your contracts or wallets? Don’t be the last one to respond to crucial events.

Just set up the metric you want to track and create alerts that will notify you the moment something happens.


Custom graphs & metrics

Stay up to date with crucial state variable changes without having to manually check them. For example, want to top up a wallet and get alerts when its balance gets below a certain threshold?

Head over to Tenderly, fill in the desired metric, and create a conditional alert to notify you when the condition is met or has changed.

Stay one step ahead with in-depth blockchain data.

Use Tenderly Analytics to track metrics crucial for your business and be aware of any important changes on the network. Rely on real-time notifications to help you respond to crucial events efficiently and confidently. Set up your account and change the way you look at blockchain data!
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