Real-time Alerting

Get real-time notifications when unusual or unexpected events happen on your Smart Contracts or Wallets.

Contextual Triggers

Be alerted on highly specific triggers like when an exact function is called inside the transaction, when an event is emitted or when a state variable exceeds a certain threshold.

Or be alerted when a blacklisted, or caller that isn’t whitelisted calls your contract.

Real-time Alerts

We run our own full nodes meaning that we process the blockchain in real-time.

You can set up to receive alert notifications in real-time or any interval that fits your need (every 15 min, etc.).

Security Warnings

Want to know when someone, that shouldn’t, calls your contract or when someone is trying to gain the system and making more calls than expected?

Detect anomalies and suspicious behavior on account wallets. Secure your wallets and your funds.

Customizable Notifications

Receive notifications to channels that matter most to you or your business like e-mail or Slack.

You can customize which data is included in your notifications and make it relevant. Include data like current state values, emitted events, gas usage, or the line of code where the transaction reverted.


In a nutshell

Secure your Smart Contracts and Account Wallets.

Setup Alerting