Smart Contract Analytics

Extract and visualize the data from the Blockchain that you never could before. Create custom graphs and track metrics in real-time using Tenderly.

Unique Data

Tenderly processes the blockchain in a unique way and using source code mapping is able to extract almost everything little thing you can think of from the chain.

State variables, function calls, function arguments, gas usage deviation..we’ve got it all.

Real-time Analytics

Block by block, transaction by transaction, Tenderly is in full sync with the network. Meaning all the data that you will see is in real-time.

Know that your data is truly up-to-date and that you can act with full confidence upon that data.

Metric Change Alerting

Want to be in the loop when something crucial happens to your contracts or wallet? Don’t be the last one to respond to crucial events.

No problem just set up the metric to be tracked and then set an alert that will notify you the moment something happens.

Custom Graphs & Metrics

Want to know when some crucial state variable has changed and don’t want to ping it manually every time just to be safe? For example, want to top up a wallet and be alerted when its balance gets below a certain threshold?

No problem just set up the metric to be tracked and then set up a conditional alert that will notify you when the condition is met or has changed.


In a nutshell

Get started now and create the graphs that help you improve your business.

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